Peacock Blue


Peacock Blue   Peacock Blue 2

Peacock Blue was a Spoken Word piece written by Poet Rachel Amey as part of the SHIFT collective at Summerhall at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.

Arcati Productions Ltd was delighted to work with Rachel Amey on creating music specifically for the piece.


Audience feedback for the show…

“Peacock Blue” by @whiskyandsalt @ShiftWord – Masterful. Inimitable. This is what the Fringe should be”

“Thankyou @ShiftWord for tonight’s Summerhall showing with the elemental and playful Rachel Amey. A poet to weep and cheer. book it”

“A wonderful blend of music, movement, words and mystery”

“..beautifully apt accompanying music. It was the perfect compliment to an extremely powerful piece. I really enjoyed it.” – Jude Caldwell


Peacock images by Tamsin Haggis.